This service is for travelers who want their trip planned from start to finish! Whether you're a solo traveler, couple, have a few friends or a part of a large group, we will plan every detail of your trip. 
Here's What You Can Expect:  
  • 1 destination
  • Private transportation
  • Best flight suggestions 
  • Excursions/Tours
  • Dinner reservations
  • Personal itinerary 
  • Around the clock travel agent support
  • Private group booking link 


Please note the following:

  • There will be an additional fee for groups larger than 20 travelers. Email us at for more details!
  • A phone consultation is recommended for this package.
  • This service is an add-on and must be booked separately from your travel package.


Let us help you make your S-Kape one to remember!

S-Kape Travel Concierge